Mementos of  Little Joe Delwaide - Scoutmaster, USA
Joe's 1985 Certificate of Appreciation for 64 year of service to the Boy Scouts of America
This 1995 Certificate indicates Joe became an Eagle Scout in 1925 and reflects his 70 years of service to the Boy Scouts of America
In 1990 Joe was asked to carve a stone for the Boy Scout Cabin of Troop 366 in Itasca, Texas
The results are reflected here and as usual his services to the Boy Scouts was el-zip-o
During their life time as Stone Masons Joe and his father laid much of the stone work on the larger buildings in Fort Worth, Texas and especially those on the campus of TCU. In 1950 the Architects of Fort Worth recognized Joe as the Outstanding Craftsman of the Year.
While living in Lueders, Texas in the forties Joe served a term as Justice of the Peace of the State of Texas and always fondly liked recalling this period of his life for he always looked upon it as another service to his community.
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