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The Old Chief

When Ray is ask why the "The Old Chief" and how come the "Indian" he likes to tell folks.
"WELL !!  Before I was a Chief. I was a Wolf, a Bear, a Lion and a Tenderfoot."

All those names hark back to his youth, the Boy Scouts and growing up in the oilfields of West Texas.

Much of Scouting involves the great outdoors, Wildlife, and Indian lore.

Owners of Texas Oil Companies are prone to name their company after the lore and heritage of Texas Indians.

As an adult Ray had the opportunity to name two companies and proud of his heritage he chose the names of "Cherokee Land Company" and "Arrowhead Productions"

An additional reason for selecting "Cherokee" was because his mother's great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee Indian.

Hence an Indian Head profile was selected from a graphics book for going on company checks, letter heads, business cards, etc.

Formed in 1981, Cherokee Land Company was a land development company and its primary development was an 83 acre sub-division near Mims, Florida which was named "Quail Haven".

In the late 80's, Arrowhead Productions was formed to produce a Printer Control Program named "PrintChief" which was specially created for Tandy Dot-Matrix Printers and made available in all the Radio Shack stores.

The name of "PrintChief" was a follow-on of the company names and with a play on words the product was considered CHIEF over the printer.

The Indian Head logo was used to enhance the PrintChief instruction manual and box cover.

Computer Software requires Product Support and lots of phone calls were received. A few of the calls and especially repeat customers got to calling, asking to speak with, The Old Chief.

Thus, Ray became "The Old Chief" with the Indian Head his Logo.

AND because of Ray's Scouting and growing up in West Texas, an Old Indian (logo) has traveled to every state in the union and several foreign countries.

In 1999 Ray built a family museum and the Old Chief was honored by being carved in granite and placed on the front of the building. Much thought was given to which way the indian head should face and it was chosen that he should face west so he could look towards his lands.

What Ray chose for a company logo over 20 years ago has now gone around the world and received a permanent place of honor on Main Street in Titusville, Florida.

AND that's the story of "The Old Chief"

Ray was a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout, an Explorer Scout and many of his fondest childhood memories are of his scouting experiences.

One of those wonderful memories was the 1950 National Boy Scout Jamboree held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Hard to imagine now, but back then New York City, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Valley Forge and all the others were something a kid from Lueders, Texas could only dream about.

Ray got to live the dream and shall forever be grateful to his Scoutmaster Curtis Hardwick and the entire community of Lueders, Texas for the financial and other support they provided to make it all happen.

Ray's scoutmaster coordinated a bean supper which was prepared in the school lunch room with help from scouting mothers and held in the Lueders school gym.

Folks of the community supported the bean supper which provided $150.00 towards Rays jamboree expenses.

Grateful also to the Chisholm Trail Council for all the effort required in sending a bunch of rambunctious boys on such an adventure over half a century ago.

Rays fellow scouters of Troop 46 in Lueders who supported him and didn't get to go shall always be remembered.

Ray apologizes to his fellow Jamboree Troop members for waking all of them up one night while camping at Valley Forge, especially to his tent-mate L.J. Cook for he got it twice, once with water.

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