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Hurricane Andrew 10th Anniversary
1992 - 2002

Be sure to read Ozzie's Report on
Ham Radio operations in Homestead
following Hurricane Andrew.

Visit my
Space Launch FAQ Page
Answering Frequently Asked Questions about viewing Shuttle and unmanned launches on Florida's Space Coast.
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Space Workers Reunion
Saturday 2002-09-28

You need not be a Space Worker yourself to attend
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Hurricane Names

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The Ig® Nobel Prize Winners
for 2001 have been announced.

It's Official!!
Ozzie's Idea To Give "The Space Coast" (the Count Down Capitol of the World) Area Code "321" Is A GO!!!

Read Ozzie's
Story of How It Came About.

Visit http://SpaceyIdeas.Com
Ozzie's new Space Marketing Consulting Company!

Ozzie's Links to NASA, used in his talk on How to Become an Astronaut given to freshmen at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Get the latest National Weather Service Forcast for Brevard County FL.
New study finds Cellular Phone hazards are real!
Read the Wired Magazine article. This one is not a joke.
Click for Titusville, Florida Forecast
Click here to check
the weather in
Titusville FL.
Ozzie likes the
Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary
However, Valentine Micheal Smith prefers the Third New International Dictionary by the Merriam-Webster Company of Springfield Massachusetts.
GPS Time Receiver Cards for IBM PC's
There's an interesting Help Desk Article from Morning Edition on March 23 you might want to hear. If you need to, you can Download a FREE Real Audio player. If you're not careful, though, you could wind up buying their "Plus" version.
Check out the Amateur SETI Project. Yes, you too can be a part of the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence in your own home!
NPR's Lost and Found Sound:
The Twitching of the Telegraph. Morse code and Ham Radio in a young boy's life. Real Audio required.
Governor Jeb Bush teleconferences the First Official Phone Call to "launch" Area Code 321 by calling the Kennedy Space Center. Ozzie is the bearded fellow in the first row
Hi there. I'm Ozzie, a telecommunications hobbyist, and space enthusiast. Ham radio and outer space are two driving interests in my life just now. Look at the hyper links below, and you'll see how much they are linked together these days! Actually, I call myself a Space Ranger these days, since I'm now in my 40's and a little old to be a Cadet. Some head-hunters have been looking for my resume, and I've been reccommending my Hurricane Andrew Report to some people to read lately, so I've added the links here so they can find them easily.

My current "claim to fame" is having come up with the idea that the new Area Code of Space Coast of Florida (the Countdown Capitol of the World) should be 321. Oh sure, it makes sense once it's been pointed out, but it took me to point it out. What can I point out to others? To you, and your company? As a result, I'm hanging out a "consulting shingle" to provide my kind of "non-linear thinking" to consulting clients. Please visit my new web site at SpaceyIdeas.Com.

I have a "real" job, of course, at Excell Agent Services. But my current "claim to fame" is being the fellow who suggested that The Space coast of Florida (the countdown Capitol of the World) should have Area Code 321. Service will begin on November 1.

[photo of large group of people]

Students of The Florida Space Institute, Course EGN-2930 Space Science & Technology, pose behind the Space Shuttle Columbia in the Vehicle Assmebly Building. (Yes, I'm in there. And that's not white hair; I live in Florida, so it's sunbleached!)

Flight suits by Countdown Creations

Links to web pages Ozzie works on.

AT&T Racing Fan Page |
Titusville Amateur Radio Club | | Space Congress | | Canaveral Council of Technical Societies | | Spacey Ideas | | Spacey Ideas Launch Schedule | | Space Frontier Operations | | Ozzie's Essential Software Load | | Via Oz | | SpaceyIdeas Launch Viewing FAQ Page | | Directions to Space View Park | | Poacher Jo's Gator Hole | | Boggs Gases | | International CellComm | | SpeakerTires.Com | | Strato International |

This page comes up when Ozzie's browser comes up, so this list is the easiest way for Ozzie to "click-up" the pages he's editing to see how they look.

Other Frequently Viewed Pages:

Viewing Satellites from Titusville | | "Space Online" Launch Schedule | | Space Online Home Page | | Space Congress Registration Test | | Space Congress Exhibitors | | Satellite Orbital Elements | | Latest Shuttle Keps | | Space Station Keps | | Alternate Satellite Keps | | Alta Vista Search Engine | | Cyber Café Proposal | | iWon | | Whois Lookup | | Cheshire's Home Page | | Ozzie's "Digital" Page | | WINaprs Download Site | | APRS Maps | | MixW32 | | RealPages.Com Yellow Pages | | MapQuest Directions | | Map Resources | | International Reference Information |

Launch Viewing
Frequently Asked Questions

Click this to go to the page which is my pride, and joy (and gets updated much more often than this one). In it, I answer questions about when, and where to view launches of Space Shuttles from the Kennedy Space Center, and unmanned rockets from the Cape Canaveral Air Station. It is a service of SpaceLaunch News.

Ozzie's Space Stuff

Some of my Space Information is too technical for the general public (and has just plain outgrown my Home Page). They can be found in Ozzie's Techie Space Information. Be careful, it gets pretty "geeky" in there.

Here's information on doing SETI At Home. Yes, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence from the comfort of your easy chair!

I'm also working on the web sites of the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies, which puts on the annual Space Congress in Cocoa Beach.

You can view satellites travel above your home! Click here to see when satellites are visible from Titusville FL. A link at the bottom will let you get this information for your location by e-mail.

Not space, but air - You can view some QuickTime movies of strange aircraft things at The Smithsonian Institution, National Air & Space Museum.

Ozzie's favorite source for launch schedules is the FLORIDA TODAY Space Online Launch Schedule Page

H2K2 Logo
My room-mate Cheshire went to a "hackers" conference called
H2K2 (Hope 2002) in New York City, 2002 July 12-14.
He keeps the Post H2K2 Convention Web page.

Click here for the correct time, (There is also a fancy "Netscape specific" version) from the US Naval Observatory, or download software from the National Institute of Standards & Technology to set your system clock from their atomic clock.

A Brief Explanation:

This page is really my own personal set of "bookmarks". I need to borrow resources needed to access the account on my Internet Provider (this means I use someone elses computer and/or phone line to get to The Web), and since I can't "clutter up" someone else's web browser with my bookmarks, I use this as my bookmark page. If you like, you can send me an e-mail at n4scy@amsat.org and let me know what you think of it, and whether any of it is wrong, or needs to be changed. And keep in mind, I'm not only learning as I go along, I'm making it up as I go along, too! Come along with me, and don't forget to SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE!

Ozzie's "Web Pages Of Interest" (to him, anyway)

Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages by David Taylor. An earlier version of this book is how I learned to create web pages one weekend. By Monday morning, my first Home Page had been hacked out using WordStar in non-document mode!

  • My Political Agenda

    Soccer Has Reached America!

    But let's play the world's game by the world's rules.

    In my identity as a mild-mannered gas cylinder tester for a small obscure Space Shuttle subcontractor (I don't work there any more - I'm back in Telecom stuff), I was a Volunteer at the Orlando venue of World Cup 94, the world's most prestegious soccer match. I'm a computer geek, not a sports jock, but I support socccer as a game the rest of the world loves, that America is just getting into. It is also a game that we Americans are not trying to shove down the world's throat! I like that. ;-)>

    The World Cup® Was Great!

    2002 World Cup LogoThe world's premier international soccer competition was held in Korea & Japan from 2002 May 31 to June 30.
    Japan Organizing Committee FIFA Korean Organizing Committee
    Click here to hear the The Official Chant to support the USA in the World Cup (Real Audio required)

    ESPN World Cup TV Schedule

    United Airlines World Cup Match Schedule in Local time

    Click Here for World Cup Gear!

    FIFA/Coca-Cola Soccer Rankings

    What? You haven't figured out why I consider International Sports to be political in nature? e-mail me at n4scy@amsat.org, and I'll be happy to discuss it.

    Please note:

    The "last update" information at the bottom of my web pages are in the date/time format of
    Year-Month-Day/Hour:Minute:Second. Besides being an international standard, it is in computer sortable order. Only a real computer geek like Ozzie would bother to point this out.

    This web page is Copyright 1996-99, Robert Osband. His resume is available for viewing.

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