Building the River  -  Chief's "O" Gage Layout
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The river basically had 8 different stages of construction with the final being the installation of the simulated water created with Envirotex Resin.

Each row of the thumb prints above reflect each of those stages as follows:

  • Cutting out the top of the table.
  • Installing the cover boards from beneath the table and sanding.
  • Sealing the seams with spackler paste.
  • Sanding down the spackler paste.
  • Repainting the table with the base coat color of paint.
  • Installing a few details for the river and port.
  • Painting the river bed with blue paint.
  • Installing the simulated water - Envirotex Resin.

    A slide show of additional pictures taken during the construction of the river can be reviewed by clicking:....  HERE

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