Ray considers himself very fortunate to have participated in one of mankind's greatest adventures which was the landing of man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.

Ray's Memoirs and a few Photographs of his Great Adventure while working at Kennedy Space Center may be reviewed with the following links.

E. Ray's KSC Memoirs written for his Grand Children is:..        HERE
The First Roll Out of a Saturn V Moon Rocket - AS-500F is:..   HERE
The First Launch of a Saturn V Moon Rocket - AS-501   is:..    HERE
Videos of Apollo 11 Launch and Man's First Landing on the Moon are:..   HERE
Pictorial History of the Construction of Launch Complex 39 at KSC is:..   HERE
A Related Memoir with Photographs
Building the SIC Stage of the Saturn V Moon Rocket at NASA's Michoud Facility
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