50th Wedding Anniversary of E. Ray and Jackie Smyth

However, In the Beginning !!
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On August 27, 2005 The Old Chief and the Squaw celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with about 40 of their close friends at a dinner party arranged for by their 3 children, Deb, Ray, and Bec.

The pictures of the Dinner Party can be viewed via a slide show by clicking:....  HERE

A "No Gifts Please" had been requested because as the Old Chief put it, "After living in the same house for 40 years it had enough stuffings".

However, a rather large box had been placed on the dinner table where the Old Chief and Squaw sit.

After dinner the Papooses ask their parents to open the box. Inside with 2 wine glasses was a 10 day vacation trip to Hawaii, all paid for by the children.

After regaining his composer, The Old Chief's only comment was "Where's the Spending Money !!"

It was a great surprise and the kids only gave Mom and Dad 3 days to get out of town, so on August 31, 2005 they headed to Hawaii and one of the highlights of the trip was their visit to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
The pictures of that part of their trip can be viewed with a slide show by clicking:....  HERE

Additional Photographs of the Hawaii Trip may be viewed by clicking:....  HERE

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