How GranPa Learned to Work
I recently told the story, "Life of a Texas Gate".

Prior to the gate entrance being built the fence had to be built because the fence wire is connected on to a fence post inside of the larger of the main columns and is made from 7 inch diameter oilwell casing pipe, same as was used for the corner post.

The regular fence post were made from 2 inch oilwell tubing pipe.

My Dad hired a guy whose name escapes me now and he first put up the section of fence that runs left of the entrance gate south to the corner post which is about 30 to 40 feet in length.

The fence was constructed using 5 foot high wire with 3 strands of barb wire on top making the total fence 6 feet high.

To stretch the wire tight, a Page Jack was used. A Page Jack is similiar to normal wire strechers except it is much much stronger and instead of rope it uses a large chain. To anchor the Page Jack, my Dads 1941 Ford Sedan was locked down with the brakes set and the Page Jack was then tied to the car bumper on one end and the fence wire on the other so the jack could pull the wire tight.


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