Growing Up in Post Oak, Texas

GranPa created this section to tell you short stories of his memories of
"Growing Up in The Post Oak Community" between the ages of 2-1/2 to 9.
There is a small maple desk in the Smythsonian Museum with a story.

The story will tell you something about your great grandfather, E. R. Smyth.

My Dad bought the desk in the early forties and it set in the corner of the living room in the oil lease house in the Post Oak Community.

I can remember sitting at that desk myself and also remember daddy writing checks from the desk because I had never seen such a large check book. But, it was the big check book my Dad called the "Rod and Tubing" account.

AND now for the, "Rest of the Desk Story", One night Mother and Daddy were over in Abilene, Texas and visited a pretty large furniture store after he had drank a few beers and the furniture looked real good under the store's bright lights.

I reckon he got carried away because he bought a whole truck load of furniture consisting of a bedroom suit and a living room suit and some tables, chairs and I don't know what all. But, the subject desk was part of the truck load of furniture he had purchased.

Well, when they delivered it out to the lease house from Abilene, Daddy had sobered up and there was no bright lights shining on the furniture.

He was looking the furniture over as they unloaded it and put it in the house.

AND after a closer and now sober inspection, he considered most all he had bought junk and had the guys load it all up and take it back to the store.

That is with the exception of the desk and it's chair and I think one other living room chair he kept and sent the rest back.

Down through the years, I often heard my Dad tell the story himself because he was kind of amused by the event and always wondered what the salesman must of thought when his very large commission was reduced to zilch when all the stuff came back to the store.

As I recall Daddy did go back over and buy some better furniture from the same store. but, not nearly as much because he looked in Stamford and found Kinny Furniture carried much better stuff so he bought all our furniture from Kinney from then on.

One has to keep in mind this happened in 1941 or 42 and we had only been in the Lueders area for 4 or 5 years. I would have been 7 or 8 at the time.

Stories To Be Continued


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