Before GranPa
In 1932/33 my Father was an Oil Superintendent for Massey Oil Company and he lived on the Haulser Oil Lease 3 miles East of Olney, Texas.

AND My Mother was living with her brother Clarence Cobb and his wife Euweida on an Oil Lease 4 miles West of Olney as Clarence was a Pumper for Shasta Oil Company.

My Mother who you grand kids know as Granny, had been working part time in Newman's Department Store in Olney.

A man named, Alford Golden pumped an Oil Lease near McGargle, Texas under the supervision of my Dad but, Mr Golden and Daddy were also very close friends.

Alford knew Clarence Cobb because they were both Lease Pumpers in the same area and his wife Mabel had gotten ill and needed someone to stay with her so he had hired Mother (Granny) to take care of Mabel for a few months.

While taking care of Mabel she met Daddy because he would come by to check on Golden and the lease everyday around noon and according to my Mother he ate some of her cooking which he apparently liked.

Daddy's first wife Virginia and the Mother of Ellen and Eileen had tuberculosis and my Dad had taken her to Colorado because at the time it was thought the climate of Colorado was healthy for tuberculosis patients.

Since their mother was ill and in Colorado, Ellen and Eileen who were age 6 and 7 lived during the school months with their Aunt Eunice Hammonds who lived in Granfield, Oklahoma.

When they got out of school for the summer they stayed with their Daddy.

During this time and after Mabel Golden had improved my Mother worked for my Daddy a couple of months taking care of the house and Ellen and Eileen.

At Christmas time in 1932, Daddy and the girls went out to Colorado to visit Virgina.

Daddy's wife Virginia died in January of 1933.

My Mother and Daddy got married on April 25, 1933

In 1934 my father left Massey Oil Company and went to work for Massey's partner, Ray Oil Company who made him a Drilling Superintendent and sent him to Longview, Texas were the Great East Texas Oil Boom was in progress.

The move to Longview was made in a brand new 1934 Chevrolet.

When they arrived in Longview in the summer of 1934 Ray Oil Company was in the process of building an Oil Camp near Overton, Texas but, the house they were to live in was not ready in the camp so they rented a house in Longview for 2 months and it was in this house that your Grand Father Everett Ray Smyth was born on August 29, 1934 and delivered by Dr. Cook.

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