About your Great Grand Father
Great Great Grand Father Smyth

Your Great Great Grand Father, William Stanton Smyth age 33 of Jefferson, Kansas married Cornelia N. Burton age 23 of Jonesville Virginia on March 2, 1899 in Montgomery County Kansas.

You can see their Marriage Licenses by clicking:..  HERE

A little over a year later in Jefferson, Kansas they had their first born child who was your Great Grand Father and you can see his birth certificate by clicking:..  HERE

Your Great Grand Father Everett Ralph Smyth always celebrated his birthday as being born on June 8, 1900 in Jefferson, Kansas. However, in July of 1978 when I obtained his birth certificate from the court house in Independence, Kansas it indicated he was born on June 10, 1900 as shown on the certificate.

At age 35, your Great Great Grand father William Stanton came down from Jefferson, Kansas to the area of Lawton, Oklahoma to be in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1901 and did succeed in obtaining 160 acres of land for a farm 3 miles southeast of Lawton, and thus your Great Grand Father, Everett Ralph grew up on the homesteaded farm land 3 miles southeast of Lawton, Oklahoma.

For the kids who don't get it in school now days, Lawton Oklahoma was the location of Fort Sill, Oklahoma and Fort Sill was the end of what became known as the Trail Of Tears for the Cherokee Indian Nation when our Government forced the Cherokees from North and South Carolina and Tennessee to the reservation at Fort Sill.

Just down the road west of the Smyth's 160 acre farm was another 160 acres homesteaded by a german family named Kluck and they had a boy who was the same age as your Great Grand Father and his name was Gus and he and your Great Grand Father were buddies and went to a country school together just down the road from the Kluck's farm.

Most of you are aware of the picture that today hangs in our dinning room in Titusville, which is a painting done for my father by my uncle John Hale Smyth back in the fifties.

The picture of the Smyth Farm Place and how the Kluck's and other things fit together can be seen by clicking:..  HERE

It was at age 18 in 1918 that your Great Grand Father decided it was time he leave home and at the time the oil field was booming in Burkburnett, Texas which was just 40 miles south of Lawton Oklahoma. So he left home and went to work in the oil field at Burkburnett.

You can see what Burkburnett, Texas looked like at the time your Great Grand Father was there during the Great Oil Boom of 1918 by clicking:..  HERE

You can see what your Great Grand Father, Everett Ralph Smyth and his friend, Gus Kluck looked like when they were 18 years old and during the year of 1918 which was the year your Great Grand Father left home for the big time by clicking:..  HERE

Your Great Grand Father spent most all his 62 years of living in the Oil Fields of Texas and it all started at Burkburnett, Texas in 1918 and is what ultimately led to your Grand Father growing up in the Oil Fields around Lueders Texas.

The End

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