"Stories for The Grand Kids by PaPa Smyth"
This area was started in March 2005 and will never be finished because as long as I am able I will continue to write stories for the Grand Children and Great Grand Children.

Most stories will be complete but, there may be a couple in work.

Grand Kids, One of these days when my Great Grand Children start asking questions, perhaps these stories will help you explain.

Your GranPa enjoys doing web pages for fun and figured there was no better place to assure you having the stories then on the family web site.

Of course one of these days somebody else must maintain the site but, remember all the writings and pictures are also on GranPa's computer and for each of you, I plan on one day putting the web site on a CD.

A Little Smyth Clan History How GranPa got from "There to Here"
Before GranPa Before The Before GranPa's Childhood Homes
Smyth Family Crest How GranMa Captured GranPa The Stamford Sanitarium
Why The Old Chief Growing Up a Boy Scout  
Growing Up with a WichTex GranPa and The Water Witch GranPa BLOWS the NITRO
The Snow of 47 Oil Field Bum to Rocket Scientist Granny's Parakeets
GranPa and The Dogs GranPa and The Martin Birds GranPa Learns to Paint
My Daddy's Telescope Life of a Texas Gate Birth of a Barn
GranPa and NASA'S Michoud Assembly Facilities - 1964/1965 GranPa's Texas
GranMa and GranPa Go To The Moon
Growing Up in Post Oak - 1937/1943 Growing Up in Lueders, Texas - 1943/1953
Ray Jr's Run In with the Long Arm of the Law
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